We’re people who’ve spent what seems like half of our adult lives waiting in an international border line! We have family, friends, work, and social activities on both sides of the border. During some of these painfully long border waits, we’ve wondered what could be done to help us make better use of our time.

Our Founder reasoned that if a person could only SEE the length of the border line or get current information before actually getting stuck in a long one, then lots of time could be saved by either waiting until the line gets shorter or making other adjustments based on the actual conditions at the border crossing.

For example, if you’re at work on Friday at 5:00 pm and plan to cross the border, you could first check conditions. If the line is short, you could zip through. If the line is unusually long, you could choose to do something more valuable with your time, like going grocery shopping, phoning a friend, running an errand, or relaxing at the park, - all WAY more enjoyable, not to mention more productive, than wasting time in a long line. Then, when you see the line has gotten shorter, you could head out!

Time is the one thing we can never replace. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! Our hope is to help people who cross the borders between Canada, the United States, and Mexico to make the most of their time. Saving time in crossing the border is good for individuals, families, businesses, economies, and the communities surrounding the border.

We hope that this site will give back to you some valuable lost time so you can use it in more productive and satisfying ways. Individually, saving 15 to 30 minutes here and there adds up quickly. Collectively, with hundreds of millions of border crossings per year, imagine how many hours we can save! If you find our site helpful, please let us know. We’d enjoy hearing about how much time you’re saving!

Helping you to make the most of your time because there are so many better things to do than wait in the border line!


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